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Callie Cannabis
Callie Cannabis is the first book in an educational series about a plant called cannabis. Her adventures are designed for you and your family to learn about cannabis and hemp. She will show you the benefits of the cannabaceae plant, as well as the challenges faces including some people who do not like or understand her. Callie will be resourceful and introduce you to a world of history, science, and the many uses of cannabis.

Hana Hemp is the second book in a parenting and family educational resource series about the cannabaceae plant family and its ancient roots. Hana is a character that will tell a story to help you understand the science behind the plant, the many uses for hemp and its historic journey.

As the cannabis industry grows not only parents but those working in the field need to have way to normalize the conversations regarding this beneficial plant. Additionally, the past culture of “Just say No’ leaves very few options for parents to discuss this important topic. We, as the writers of Callie and Hana would like to help raise awareness through education in a non-biased manner and help fulfill this need.

Callie and Friends


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